Custom Cut Gems by Lloyd Forrester


Clear Cut Gems is a custom gemstone cutting service located in Florida, USA. All gems are precision cut to exacting standards by gem cutter Lloyd Forrester, to ensure maximum brilliance and value. The gem market is full of poorly cut native and commercial stones with incorrect, misaligned angles, poor designs and sub standard polishing. The appreciation of precision custom cut gems is growing and it is to these jewelers, collectors and gem lovers that he offers his services. Clear Cut Gems makes every effort possible to source rough gems only from ethical sources. We also donate to organizations who work to better the lives of the people in Africa where most of our gems are mined. Contact us and let us create something unique for you.

Clear Cut Gems is always adding new rough material to our blog which can be custom cut to your desired specifications. Take a look to see what we have available. As always, if you have something else in mind, just let us know and we will get it for you.

Getting engaged? A custom engagement ring is the perfect way to start your lives together. Diamonds are overrated and lack color and personality. Clear Cut Gems will work with you to design the perfect engagement ring that will show her exactly how much you love her. Drop us a line today!

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