Aquamarine is a blue member of the beryl family and is the traditional birthstone for the month of March and the zodiac sign, Scorpio. It is colored by trace amounts of iron and it can vary in color from pale blue to deep blue-green. Legend says that sailors would wear aquamarine gemstones to protect them and prevent seasickness. It was believed that aquamarine would bestow unto the wearer happiness, courage, and foresight. Aquamarine has also been used as a healing stone to treat for anxiety and in the Middle Ages it was believed that aquamarine would reduce the effect of poisons. Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5-8 out of 10 on the Mohs' Scale of mineral hardness.

Description: A superb very strong medium blue Nigerian aquamarine in a custom emerald step cut.Photos are outdoors in bright indirect sunlight and indoors in artificial lighting. This stone looks great in all lighting situations.It would make a stunning ring of pendant stone.
Size: 3.5 cts 10.5x8.35mm
Clarity & Grade: Vs - a couple of small inclusions,barely eye visible and only with careful inspection.The do not detract from or spoil the gem in any way.
Treatments: None
Price: $1580.00 (USD)

Description: A beautiful unique Nigerian Aquamarine cut in a custom diamond shape. Color is light - medium sky blue. This stone has a few minor inclusions under magnification however it is clean to the naked eye.
Size: 2.28 ct, 9.9 x 8.8 mm
Clarity & Grade: SI (Slight Inclusions)
Treatments: None
Price: $228.00 (USD)

Description: Beautiful medium-light blue Nigerian aqua trillion. This stone is an even blue throughout.
Size: 1.40 ct, 8.0 mm
Clarity & Grade: SI (Priced Accordingly)
Treatments: Possibly Heated
Price: $140.00 (USD)